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Ace Klan isn't just a brand

A culture that is known globally and refuses to go out of extinction!

Ace Klan has the sole vision, to spread this culture to the unknown future.

Let our merch represent the Anime in YOU with only the best quality & join us on the mission to spread the movement into the future generations!

DTHNOTE - Vintage Washed Tracksuit

RYUK in YYZ - Vintage
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Sweat Shirt
Ryuk's Vengeance - Vintage
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Sweat Pants
Designer's choice
Gear 4: SnakeMan
The highest quality hoodie in store due to its premium construction, weight, and designs. Its all in the details, only way to find out is to buy one, you won't be disappointed!
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Top Quality
Perfect for Chilly weather
All of our crewnecks and hoodies are made to withstand chilly weather and can be perfect for layering in the winter. This is possible due to the heavy weight nature of these products as they are made with materials such as cotton that are thick and durable all while maximizing comfortability.
Hoodies Crewnecks

Ace x Klan

Gender Inclusive

Majority of our products are crafted with the vision to be worn by everyone, whether it's the cut, sizing, fit or style, it will suit any and every gender.

Ace x Klan

Top Tier Quality

We have taken the due diligence of assuring that every product is made with maximum quality. To assure quality we inspect each product for a quality check so our customers receive only the best of the best.

From the stitching to the threadwork, Premium feel of the fabric to the fitting, try it for yourself!